Thanks for being interested in helping sponsor children for Christmas Assistance!

Click Here For The 2021 Sponsor Form

If you do not want to shop for gifts but would like to
make a monetary donation and let us shop for you,
please mail your donation to the following address:

Marshall County Christmas Coalition
P.O. Box 71
Guntersville, AL 35976 

Sponsor Facts

How much am I expected to spend on the children I sponsor?

We ask sponsors to spend aat least $100 on children ages 0-12 and at least $125 on ages 13-18 as long as the child is enrolled in school.  Of course, you are welcome to spend more if you wish, just make sure that the amount spent per sibling is comparable. If you aren’t comfortable spending this much, please feel free to make a cash donation in any amount that you choose.


Am I allowed to purchase religious items and include them with the gifts?



What if the gifts requested are too expensive for me to purchase?

If the child is asking for something that you feel is too expensive, feel free to purchase items that are age and sex appropriate.  We do not expect our sponsors to purchase every item requested and go beyond your own budget. 

If I am not able to shop, how may I sponsor a child?

Cash donations are always acceptable and appreciated. Volunteers will shop for the children that aren’t sponsored with the money donated.  Donations may be mailed to MCCC, PO Box 71, Guntersville, AL 35976.  A thank you letter, which will serve as your tax receipt, will be mailed to you in January.


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